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It's Not About Finish Lines

It’s not about finish lines.

I often worry there’s a perception that endurance coaching is a profession of narrow focus. I worry that it’s seen as a particular person picking a particular event, putting it on a deadline by registering, and using coaching as a medium from Fitness A to Fitness B.

But it’s never been about a particular event. Truthfully, I think it’s never really been about fitness.

What it is about is this: Living with purpose. Setting goals. Achieving success. Creating structure. Developing discipline. Knowing what you want, and building a path to it.

I think that as we age, a lot of us lose the belief. If I can help a few people to hold onto that spirit, or maybe even re-capture it, then maybe I’ll have done something halfway decent with my Time.

It’s not about me– or anyone– asserting how others should live their lives. It’s about building the agency, the self-belief, that allows a person to live the life of their dreams. It’s about fulfilling the purpose that drives me in mine.

Sport is just a place where we can safely practice. Try. Learn. Fail. Grow. It’s about developing the perspective that allows us to live the most in the Time we have, while putting in work that might even prolong the Time we get.

The values that Treeline Endurance is founded upon are as fundamental to me as gravity. They’re laws of nature so universal, so deeply rooted, that you almost forget they are there.

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