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We believe that endurance athletics advance human perspective on life; and that they develop the mindset enabling people to live truly fulfilled lives.

We aim to help more people become endurance athletes, to unlock their full potential in all of life.


Treeline Endurance is dedicated to making it easier to become an endurance athlete than it ever has been before. We pursue this knowing that endurance sports are and always will be a challenge to those who participate in them, but that the leaders of this industry have not done enough to reach people whose lives can be changed for the better through sport.

skiier racing in crested butte, CO

Message From The Founder

My Journey to Endurance

Longer Version:

I grew up in Central New York and started to dabble in running in 2012 (at the time a sophomore shot putter on the high school track team). I was 5' 10"  and tipping the scale at 256lbs, and gaining weight in a hurry. But from my first days as a thrower for the high school team, I marveled at every runner out on the track. I could not imagine running as fast or as far as they all were, but knew I wanted to get there.

Coach Greg Treeline Endurance
Coach Greg in 2013
Shae+Greg and a world of green

Hey, you there!


Yeah, you! What is your story? Fill out the message box below with any thoughts, questions and inquiries. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Stay Beautiful,


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Short Version: Basically I am a guy who likes running.

A couple of seasons later in the Fall of 2013, I was coerced to join the school Cross Country team, at the time still unsure if I would actually have the ability to finish a 5K race. Week in and week out, hauling myself to the finish line of whatever race we were at proved to be the hardest thing I had ever done in my life. There was an addictive quality to the experience of thinking I had no chance of finishing, but somehow getting it done. And that was it for me. I could never let go of the thing that I had worked so hard to succeed at. Nothing had ever made me feel more free and alive than running.

Now I am a coach, marathoner, mountain dweller, fitness nerd, and hardcore outdoor-appreciator. I live high up in the mountains of Colorado with my adventure partner, Shae, and our dogs, Moose and Minnow.

Thanks for submitting! I'll get back to you ASAP.

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