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Frequently Asked Questions

1-to-1 Coaching

How does 1-to-1 coaching with Treeline Endurance work? Coaching is highly individualized, and may look different for different people. What’s important to us is that you get what you’re looking for from coaching, whether that’s having someone as enthusiastic about your goals as you are, nutrition advice, or just a reliable and personalized workout schedule to get you results.

How is training shared? Workouts are shared via TrainingPeaks training software. TrainingPeaks also acts as a shared tool for communication between you and your coach. The next one to two weeks of training is typically visible (though workout might change- adjustments and refinement to the schedule are one of the primary benefits of 1-to-1 coaching).

How do we communicate? Your coach will communicate with you through TrainingPeaks workout commenting, as well as by your preferred methods. Common mediums are email, text, other messaging apps, phone calls and Google Meet video calls.

What can I talk to my coach about? A lot of factors in life have the potential to impact training motivation and readiness. Open communication with your coach on anything you think is relevant is recommended. That said, your coach will want to keep things professional. Common things to discuss with a coach are details that might influence capacity to training, mental and physical training focuses, the what/why/how behind workouts, insights into your strengths and opportunities as an athlete, and many other things. Your coach is invested in building the relationship as well as helping you progress as an athlete.

Do I need to have a race planned? No. Our coaches are as happy to help you develop a meaningful goal for yourself as they are to help you pursue it. Even in periods without major events or races, we suggest setting smaller goals as a way of measuring progress.

Are there minimums? Though athletes may cancel at any time, we strongly recommend committing to a minimum of six months. It takes time to build a routine and start to see the results of that work.

What should I expect in an introductory consultation call? The introductory consultation is a relaxed meet-up with the coach you’re considering. Typically we’ll want to chat a bit about your background of training, path into the sport, goals and inspiration. Your coach can share a bit about what training looks like as well as their experience training and racing for similar goals. If it’s a good match, next we’ll send you the Athlete Profile form to collect more detailed accounting of your background, goals, and schedule.

What sports is coaching available for? We offer coaching for road running, trail running, and skimo/ski mountaineering fitness. Some athletes choose to transition to ski sports in the winter to increase variety and make the most of the cold season.

How do I sign up? You can start by scheduling a free introductory consultation call (video or phone). This is to assure it is a good coach-athlete match before starting a training schedule.

What should I know about remote coaching? Treeline Endurance is dedicated to exceeding the current standard for 1-to-1 coaching. While many coaching organizations still rely on spreadsheets or email communication alone, we aim to truly connect with our athletes. We meet with athletes regularly by video call, because we know that it’s important to meet the coach you’re working with, rather than them just being an email address or voice on the other end of the phone. With a more face-to-face meeting format, you know you have your coach’s full attention. Video meetings are great for large discussions and questions. We provide session feedback and recommendations through workout comments in TrainingPeaks. And, our coaches remain available by email as well for quick attention to topics that require less discussion.

Who is 1:1 coaching right for? One-to-one coaching is right for anyone looking to take the guesswork out of training and receive fully personalized training and communications. Whether trying to run a mile for the first time or place in the top 10 for an ultramarathon, our team is ready to provide direct and personal attention to your needs.

Do you help coach better running form? Analyzing running technique can be challenging. We recommend that athletes complete a professional gait analysis in a lab or physical therapy clinic, where special equipment is used to quantify biomechanics. The results of a gait analysis are used by our coaches to develop a personalized drills and strength training program to re-inforce safe running mechanics, while shoring up potential imbalances.

Training Plans and Other Services

Treeline custom plans versus internet training plans? Custom plans provide peace of mind. No more questioning whether the plan is right for you. Pre-built online plans might be too easy, too hard, or just not right to improve performance for your unique situation.

How does Consultations work? Introductory Consultations when preparing for a 1-to-1 coaching subscription is free. All other consultations are slotted for 60 minutes and followed up with an emailed Consultation Summary. $99/session

Odds and Ends

How do I make subscription payments? We create your renewal schedule and receive payments through Intuit Quickbooks. You’ll receive an email about how to set up your subscription. We accept bank transfer, Paypal, and all major credit card providers.

Where is Treeline Endurance based? Winter Park, Colorado

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