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Watch: Kevin Goldberg on 200 Mile Training and Cocodona 250

In this interview with 7-time 200 mile ultramarathon finisher Kevin Goldberg, we discuss what we can all learn from his decade of ultramarathon running, what the components of a strong 200 mile training plan are, and we talk in detail about his latest race finish, the Cocodona 250 Mile Endurance Run, where Kevin finished 4th.

00:00 Guest Introduction and Background on Kevin Goldberg

02:14 Topics Outline: Learnings from a Decade of Competition, Pillars of 200 Mile Training, 2023 Cocodona 250 Race Experience

03:50 Kevin’s path into running and ultrarunning

06:10 Choosing events based on the training the athlete enjoys

08:39 Progressing from 50K ultras to 200+ mile ultras

13:40 Unique features of 200+ mile ultramarathons compared to shorter ultras

16:12 How quickly to progress from ultra 50K to 200 mile races?

19:15 Pillars of 200 training

24:05 The role of high intensity and interval training in 200 training

27:00 How to train for a 70+ hour race in 10-15 hours a week

31:00 How long does a 200 training block need to be?

34:00 The finer points of intensity: what varieties we care about and when

35:40 Strength training for the 200 runner?

39:25 Mental Prep for a 200: “Willing it into existence”

44:25 Final Thoughts on Training for 200s

46:15 Cocodona 250: History + Vision

50:40 Growing Community and a Week-Long Running Festival

53:40 Kevin’s experience and Cocodona course beta

1:08:00 Conclusion and Supplemental Links

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Cocodona Start

Course Markings
The Delles

Mile 85

Iron King Aid

Tunnels from Iron King

Desert Flow

Running towards the horizon


Fort Tuthill Aid Mile 220

All smiles at the finish

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